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Limited Liability Company "NPK MONOMER"

          NPK Monomer LLC designs and produces petrochemical reagents for oil production, processing and transportation as well as produces fuel additives improving quality and operating properties of fuels of all distillate types.
    Besides, the company provides a range of services for anticorrosive protection and waterproof insulation (against any aggressive environments) of metal and other structures using innovative polymeric coatings and also provides services for disposal, processing and recycling of oil wastes. We offer for the followingproduct line for on-site application our:

Petrochemical reagents for oil production, processing and  transportation

  1. BUK multifunctional demulsifier for oil emulsions and other hydrocarbons, specification TU — 051-22481218-2017.
  2. Topol anti-turbulent additives, specification TU
  3. ASPARAGUS 7001,7002, 7003, 7004, 7005 neutralizers of volatile mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide. Specification TU
  4. Additives improving oil fluidity and other hydrocarbon crudes for production, storage and transportation, types 2117, 2118,2119, 2119, 2120. 
  5. Specification TU — 052-22481218-2017.
  6. ALBA 4001, 4002,4003, 4004, 4005corrosion and scale inhibitors. 
  7. Specification TU — 007-24965245-2018.

We promote an individual approach to selection of reagents for each specific site (from a filed to a separate well) depending on its features. This improves efficiency of reagents and enables their optimal application.

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