Anticorrosive protection and waterproof insulation by polymeric coatings

Company-produced polymeric compositions are multifunctional protective materials successfully applied in industrial and civil construction, machine-building and power sector.

Polymeric compositions provide complex solutions for protecting construction structures, tank farms and buildings during a new construction or repair works of any difficulty rate. The latter include cold repairs of pipelines, oil tank farms, ship hulls and other metal structures relevant for oil & gas and petrochemical industries. High resistance to all types of aggressive environments (acids, medium and high concentrations of alkali, oil products) enables protection for metal surfaces constantly contacting aggressive environment for the period of at least 7 years (C5M operating zone, ISO 12944). Coated surfaces do not need special final preparation, it is necessary only to remove grainy scale layer, moisture and grease. After this our polymeric coatings can be applied even to corrosion-damaged surfaces. Coatings have good adhesive properties and penetrate all uneven areas and pores leaving no air pockets thus stopping corrosion and preserving the surface.   

Polymer coating composition


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