Fuel additives production

        Fuel additives by NPK MONOMER are well -balanced compositions of
combustion promotors, paraffin dispersants, washing, anti -wear, anti -smoke, antioxidant, oxygen -containing components for producing all -season eco -clean diesel fuels and benzines.
We recommend to use these additives for heavy mining equipment operating at high and low temperatures in all types of regions, including 1000 -2000 m high mountainous areas as well as for small -sized piston engine aviation including unmanned aerial vehicles.
        Our spec ialists are always ready to prepare an optimal additives receipt for aspecific fuel type to help it reach the necessary quality level.

    Multifunctional depressing and dispersing additive for all medium -type distillates. Enables to significantly reduce cold filter plugging point and pour point of diesel fuels and light furnace oils. The additive improves paraffine carbohydrates dispersion stability of diesel fuels stored at the temperature below their cloud point because the additive modifies paraffined crystals growth at low temperatures.

          The feature that distinguishes our additive from its market analogues is its unique ability to solve several tasks.
Introducing 0.5 -1 %of the additive to the fuel provides:
— engine power increase by up to 12%
— fuel consumption reduction by up to 16%
— harmful emissionsreduction in 1.5 times
— engine noise and vibration reduction
— wear reduction and cold start improvement
— stable engine start and functioning in the interseason period at ambient
temperature down to – 20С
— reduced engine sensitivity to fuel quality
— reduction and removal of nozzle residues, decreased filter clogging in diesel engines. 


         Gasoline additive – the ash-free additive does not contain any metalorganic compounds. This mixture of aromatic amines and oxygen-containing components is an octane-increasing additive to gasoline and different crude gasoline fractions improving detonation resistance, combustion efficiency, operating and environmental properties. 

        At the same time the additive provides washing and anti-corrosive properties and helps to reduce toxic (CO, NO, CH) emissions of vehicles. Gasoline with additives maintains a constant content of components. 

        Phase stability of the additive and its compatibility with gasoline was tested by cooling them down to -50 Ñ. After the cooldown the additive and its mixture with gasoline did not separate into layers or leave residues. Gasoline mixed with the additive is not aggressive to metals and does not affect rubber and sealing materials. 

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